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My expat journey

I was born in Uruguay, South America. I have Spanish, Italian and Austrian roots. 

My husband is from Spain and together we have Julieta, she is 11 years ‘old, and she is a real TCK (Third Culture Kid). She was born in Barcelona, Spain and moved to Brazil with one year. Two years later she started kindergarten in Belgium, in the flemish side of the country, so she learned Dutch and spoke Spanish at home. When she was 8 we moved to Seoul, South Korea where she attended the French School, and so she learned French, English and Korean.

I have been an expat for more than 22 years living in several countries across 3 different continents.

I’m a life coach specialized in expats and their families. I'm trained in Transactional Analysis, trauma and embodied coaching.

Why I became a coach? Because a few years ago I had a burn-out and I realized a lot of things about myself; I found what my main weakness was and I learned how to turn it in my strongest point and so I developed naturally my new career journey. 

My experience as an expat has been changing according to the situation I lived every time I moved. I have done it first by my own when I moved to Barcelona, after that together with my husband and later with one-year old daughter when we moved to Brazil. So I moved continents with a baby, later with toddler and recently with a pre-teenager from South Korea to Belgium.

Overtime I have learned that planning ahead, thinking about different scenarios prepares you better for the new adventure. It was at least crucial for me that I did a kind of verbal contract with myself and my husband before I moved to South Korea. I wanted to become a coach and I thought it was a good timing to add some value for myself to the new adventure to come. 

I really encourage all the accompanying spouses to plan ahead and think what they really want to do, and how they can implement and combine this planning with the kids, with their social life activities and so on. This is also part of my program of expat coaching during the pre-phase of expatriation.