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Are you an expat or living abroad?


Being an expat can be very exciting, you get to discover new countries, new cultures, amazing places, your kids may speak several languages and you have access to some privileges that others don’t.


But what happens when you move abroad?


-       Can be overwhelming, isolated and a total emotional rollercoaster for the whole family. 

-       Communicating in a foreign language can leave you feeling lost and misunderstood.

-       Building a new support system and finding “your people” takes time and effort.

-       Can be also very challenging to feel rooted, or that you belong to a place/country/culture

-       Are you having some difficulties when someone asks you: where are you from?


As a seasoned expat I went through each of these challenges, so if you feel identified with some of them too know that you are not alone in this. The question is: Do you want to stay stuck or do you want to take control again?

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Why I became a Coach? Because for many years I felt very bad;  one day my body collapsed and I needed to get some help.  
Through therapy, transactional analysis and embodied coaching I have learned a lot about myself and others, I had the support I needed, I got  pampered, I understood many things that I had no idea before. I discovered that it wasn't my fault and I learned to look at myself and others with mild eyes.  
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