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The first time I heard the word "coaching" it was in my twenties when I was living and working in Washington DC in the late 1990s.  Back then however, the word resonated as something foreign and exotic but little did I know that more than twenty years later I would be knocking at its door.  Fast forward to 2023 in South Korea, I was toying with the idea of finding a coach as I felt more and more disoriented in life, struggling to balance between caring for others and caring for me.  Then one day I came across an article written by Veronica Sartori on the topic of transactional analysis and coaching.  Intrigued, I reached out to her for a trial session.  Veronica is a warm and attentive coach.  She listened to my voice and helped pull some of the strings out that were part of an entangled mess in my mind.  She also tirelessly gave me lots of literary references and asked poignant questions that helped me obtain self-awareness and a sense of clarity.  Each meeting felt like my golden time and I felt a pound lighter in my head and more focused afterwards.  I was lucky to have met Veronica through coaching!  

Zimie, South Korea 

I wanted to share my experience with Verónica, a very professional coach. Despite being my first time doing some sessions, it was very intense and effective in my case.

I was able to talk about things that I had never had the opportunity to discuss or nobody had been able to go in depth. I discover things that I never pay attention to or I did not consider them important; now  I realised that everything has a reason.

I really appreciate her help and if I had to do it again I would not hesitate to contact her again.

Thanks Verónica 😀

Darwin, Barcelona, Spain

Coaching with Veronica is a beautiful path that helps me to open the most important doors: those of discovery and understanding of oneself, and of others, but the first is where it all begins. Observing without judging, with a focus and containment that make me feel comfortable and confident to touch on issues that are not always easy to deal with. The change is felt and the desire to continue advancing and learning from her hand, too. Thank you!

Georgina, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I got to really discover Transactional Analysis through my coaching sessions with Veronica. Her passion for it, her caring and profesional nature made all the more interesting and deeper than I could imagine. She tremendously helped me in my communication, which was the reason why I approached her on the first place. She added more layers of interest as we progressed into  more understanding and I am forever grateful to her for all that. I, without hesitation, recommend her services to anyone who might be looking to improving any aspects of their lives.

Sara, Singapore

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