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"It takes the whole world to raise a child"

 Dr. Gabo Maté - The Myth of normal 

Schools and caregivers

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"Since I became a mother 12 years ago I developed a natural instinct and soon interest for children's mental health and positive parenting. Starting with the challenge I faced when I wanted to breastfeed Julieta and it was not an easy task for me. I stressed all the possibilities, ask for advice, reach out special organizations, read tons of books about it and so I managed to breastfeed her exclusively until she was 4 and a half years old. Why? Because I had the intuition this was the right thing for my daughter and for me. Since then I never stop reading, attending conferences, workshops, studied and so much more to be able to now delivery all my knowledge, expertise, passion and love for the future generations... "

Veronica Sartori

My services for schools, associations and caregivers


Workshops for parents, children or associations

My workshops and trainings are tailor made according to the needs requested.

My focus is always on the children wellbeing, so topics can be the following:

- the importance of mental health from early stages in life 

- influence of parents' mental health in their kids

- communication problems within the family

- children with special needs

- attachment problems

- behavioral difficulties

Individual coaching sessions for caregivers

Sometimes we need some guidance to better understand our children. Our own concerns and needs are overlapping with the ones of our loved ones and we offer certain things that they donot need. 

Are we really focused on their needs or our needs?

Need some supoort, book a free intake with me!

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