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Finally ready! It took me so long to get here...

I think it was during the preparation of my move back to Belgium that I bought my domain and wanted to build up my own website. My wish was to have the website ready before my arrival in Belgium, and now if I look back to that version of myself seated in my duplex apartment in Seoare Maeul, in Seoul I can't believe how high I set the expectations. I was about to change country and continent with a pre-teenager daughter and a busy husband, for the second time in two years, and in the middle of a pandemic. Lots of things happened since then until today and the website was something hanging on top of my head every day I was tempted to edit it.

I changed the design 3 times. I get frustrated quite often, I stay up late writing and doing changes, I almost hired a web designer for that, but in the end I decided I will do it myself, I said that I can do that and it will be my creation and my hard work. I was lucky in my training. I met an amazing woman that on top of being a great coach is a photographer. I asked her to take my pictures and so we did a few months ago on a cold winter morning before the sunshine. Her pictures are amazing and I'm forever grateful for the hard work and passion she put into that. When I started to design it I just wanted to show myself as I'm. I did not want to fill in the text with wisdom and advice or smartthings, I just wanted to show myself with the scars of life and with an authentic approach. It was not easy at all because we always want to impress others and we want as coaches to be admired by our clients. That's why I just started to write about me, about my life, about my passions and about my weakness. I wrote my own story in-there and this is who I'm and this is the person who will be coaching others. When I received the pictures and I was able to look at myself as I'm, all came together and the last pieces of the puzzle united to make my website to be published. I'm proud of myself for doing and finishing something that I really did not like at all, but over the years I have learned that we need to be kind with ourselves, and even when we are not good at something, we can succeed!

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